Cameron Henderson -Mechanical & MSHA Project Manager

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Read blueprints and specifications to lay out work.
Unload and position steel units so each piece can be hoisted as needed.
Erect and install scaffolding, hoisting equipment and rigging.
Align and weld or bolt steel units in place.
Erect and place pre-cast concrete, and rig and place machinery and equipment.
Examine structures and equipment for deterioration, defects or non-compliance with specifications.

Ironworkers (structural/ornamental) tend to work in teams and team coordination is a large component of the occupation especially when hoisting and placing large, heavy components high above the ground. Ironworkers (structural/ornamental) interact and work cooperatively with a wide variety of construction tradespeople such as ironworkers (reinforcing), crane operators, welders, carpenters, metal fabricators and millwrights.



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What do Structural Ironworkers do?

field fabricate, weld, cut, erect and dismantle structural, miscellaneous and ornamental work. They also erect and place pre-cast concrete, and rig and place machinery and equipment.

  • Safety is our first priority.
  • Reduced workers compensation exposure and costs.
  • Reduced hiring, training, advertising and payroll costs.
  • Reduced SUTA/unemployment costs.
  • The ability to augment peaks and valleys in production schedules.
  • OSHA training, pre-employment drug testing, PPE and safety orientation provided upon request.
  • MW4H has the knowledge and experience of working in the steel erection industry to ensure the right fit.

Steve Glover - Mechanical & Electrical Project Manager

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