Steve Glover - Mechanical & Electrical Project Manager

Office (859) 448-1656 ext 1006
Cell (563) 343-8495

Cameron Henderson -Mechanical & MSHA Project Manager

Office (225) 755-9755
Cell (563) 554-9831



Partner with MW4H

  • Safety is our first priority.
  • Reduced workers compensation exposure and costs.
  • Reduced hiring, training, advertising and payroll costs.
  • Reduced SUTA/unemployment costs.
  • The ability to augment peaks and valleys in production schedules.
  • OSHA training, pre-employment drug testing, PPE and safety orientation provided upon request.
  • MW4H has the knowledge and experience of working in the agricultural industry to ensure the right fit

Whether you need to put up 1 bin or 50 bins MW4H has the bin jackers to complete your project on time and within budget.  Since 2014 we have raised over 500 bins and each year we get more and more to put up.  We can get you the right crew that will travel with you from location to location until your projects are completed.